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Processing, sales, import and export of food
[LNG:ENG]Processing, sales, import and export of food

Our processed food is being developed by using only excellent local materials mainly from South Asian countries. We try to find market opportunities through our predictions on consumption trends and paying attention to potential needs and changes in the market. Also, we actively search and find new products in trade all over the world market.
Sales development of manure
[LNG:ENG]Sales development of manure

We are facilitating business for beneficial use of waste products from processing plants.
To make use of waste products like internal organs, skins, fishbone, and black meats produced from fish factories, and by-products like corns and coats discharged from pineapple canneries.
Since we are always studying and developing new materials, please feel free to contact us for more information.
Export and import of frozen fish
[LNG:ENG]Export and import of frozen fish

Under our wide ranging network, we mainly export and import skipjack and tuna used for cans, processed frozen foods, dried smoked products, raw products, etc..

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