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Related products with dried smoked skipjack

After removing the head and abdomen skin from a skipjack it is cut it into more than three fillets. The fillets are cut into the shape of a boat, which is called “Fushi” in Japanese. “Fushi” is processed into “Katsuo-fushi or Katsuo-bushi” (dried smoked skipjack in Japanese).
Depending on the differences of processing, there are “Ara-bushi”, “Hon-bushi”, “Kare-bushi”, “Honkare-bushi”, and “Shiage-bushi”. “Hon-bushi”, “Kare-bushi”, “Honkare-bushi”, and “Shiage-bushi” are processed by spraying edible mold on Ara-bushi” repeatedly for the purpose of moisture extraction and maturing.
Molded “Kare-bushi” is treated as a high-grade product because it includes more “umami (the fifth taste sensation discovered by Japanese)” and more vitamins than any other “Katsuo-bushi”.
We widely handle “Katsuo-bushi” from famous production areas from around Japan. Mainly Yaizu in Shizuoka, Yamakawa and Makurazaki in Kagoshima.
Meanwhile, our imported “Katusuo-bushi” mainly comes from the Philippines. We take pride that our total imported amount is one of the highest share numbers in Japan.
Manufacturing contracts for spraying mold in our subcontracted factories can be arranged by request.

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